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Customer Testimonial from Jon P. in Oconomowoc, WI

We at Klaus Roofing by Buck Buckley take extreme pride in the Klaus Roofing way. A way that makes sure we only use the highest quality materials on the job. Like using ring shank nails that have ridges around the shank that increases the holding power of the nail by 40%. The ridges act as wedges that lock the nail into the wood once it's driven in.

Its quality from top to bottom like that leads to customer feedback like this:

Recently, our previous customer from Oconomowoc called us after a massive hailstorm that dumped 3-inches of golf-ball-size hail across the area. This customer told us that he had some storm chasers knock on his door to come and evaluate his roof. After allowing them up on his roof, they all came back down the roof sad and upset because there wasn't any damage from the hail. Absolutely no damage to his roof at all in this massive hailstorm! He added, "my whole neighborhood is all shredded up, but these shingles weathered the storm better than everyone else's!"

This is why we at Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley take pride in our quality from the top down. We stand by our work so much that we offer a 50-year labor + materials warranty! You trust your roof to protect you and your family, let us be the roof that stands up to the weather and protects them. If you were impacted by the storm, we can help you navigate insurance adjusters and the crazy process of building back. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate at 262-297-7771

- Jon P. of Oconomowoc, WI
Wednesday, June 15th

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