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Roof Leak Repair

Roof Leak Repair in the Milwaukee, Waukesha, WI Areas

Finding and fixing roof leaks before they get worse

Milwaukee roof with a leak

Our Milwaukee roofing pros replace missing or damaged shingles to prevent roof leaks.

When a roof leaks, there's usually damage. It's important to fix the roof leak and any damage quickly before it gets worse. A reliable roof leak repair depends on finding what caused the leak in the first place. From curling shingles to clogged gutters to leaky flashing, the list of potential roof leak causes is very long.

Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley's roofers have extensive experience in finding and repairing leaky roofs quickly and addressing severe roof problems that need more than spot repairs. If you've noticed water stains on your ceiling or wall or curled, cracked, or missing shingles, contact us today for a free inspection and estimate.

What to do when your roof is leaking

We always try our best to provide prompt inspections and estimates for roof leak repairs. However, while you're waiting for help from our pros, there are some steps you can take to help prevent further damage.

  1. Place a bucket beneath water dripping from the ceiling

    Move furniture, rugs, personal belongings, and other items out of the path of the water leak. Heavy objects can be covered with plastic sheeting to help protect them against water damage.

  2. Look inside the attic for signs of water or moisture problems

    Problem signs can include dark spots on wood or insulation, mold growth or mildew, musty odors, discoloration on wood or other materials, condensation on nails or air ducts, or damage to insulation. Start by checking above the leak in the ceiling, but be sure to also check locations where water typically gathers on the roof, including corners, where roof joints meet, or near roof features, like skylights, valleys, or chimneys. If you're unsure what type of insulation you have or what the local safety regulations are, our experts can help.

  3. Check for missing or damaged roof shingles or flashing

    Both of these issues are common causes of water getting into the home. It's recommended that you look from the ground and avoid climbing a ladder. Instead, contact Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley to have our roofers perform a thorough inspection.

  4. Get help from a professional roofer

    If you’re not sure what’s causing your roof to leak, we can help locate the problem quickly and recommend a fix. Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

Causes of roof leaks in Southeastern Wisconsin

There are several potential causes of a leaky roof. The two primary causes of roof leaks are poor installation of roofing components or damage from weather events. Keep reading to learn more about the potential causes of your roof leak or get fast answers to your questions by scheduling a roof inspection and estimate.

Missing shingles

Missing roof shingles can let in moisture and water that can lead to leaks and rotted roof decking.

Damaged shingles

Curled, cracked, or torn roof shingles can let in moisture and water.

Missing or damaged flashing

Missing or broken weather-sealing around roof vents, exhaust fans, chimneys, or skylights can lead to roof leaks.

Clogged or damaged gutters

Faulty gutters prevent water from draining properly and can lead to a leaky roof or moisture damage.


Small holes from a misplaced nail, old satellite dish, or antenna can cause a leaky roof or rot.

Weather damage

Strong winds, wind-blown debris, or hail can damage roof shingles and contribute to leaks.

Whatever the cause of your roof leak, it's best to get an inspection and roof repair to prevent further leaks and more expensive damage.

How we fix roof leaks

Finding and repairing a roof leak is more challenging than simply looking for a leak above the stain on the ceiling. Water can enter the roof in one spot and run along insulation and other areas in the attic before soaking through the ceiling. The right repair for your leaky roof depends on the cause of the leak and the location. We are highly experienced in inspecting roofs and attics to pinpoint problems and providing roof repair services for homes in Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin.

Temporary roof repairs

Minor roof leaks can usually be fixed by replacing missing or damaged shingles or flashing. If there are extensive roof leaks or damage or if the roof is past its lifespan, you may need to have the roof replaced. Fortunately, our professional roofers can assess your situation and provide the solutions you need for a sound roof, including roof leak repair or roof replacement.

Roof replacement

While some roof leaks can be fixed with simple repairs, other roofing problems can be warning signs that it's time for a roof replacement. Such problems include bare shingles, severe hail damage, and extensive or recurring leaks. If you notice potential signs of roof damage, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional, qualified roofing contractor, like Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley. We can help you make the best decision about your roof leak repair or roof replacement based on your unique situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your roof leak questions

Is a leaking roof covered by insurance?

Most homeowners insurance policies cover a roof leak caused by an unexpected event, such as fire, wind, or hail. However, some insurance policies have wind or hail exclusion. Homeowner's insurance usually doesn't cover roof damage caused by wear and tear from age or lack of maintenance. It's best to contact your insurance provider to find out if your homeowner's insurance covers roof damage and what your limits are.

How much does it cost to repair a leaking roof?

The cost to repair a roof leak depends on the extent of the damage and the type of roof you have. We will inspect your roof and evaluate its condition to determine if the leaks can be repaired or if your roof is in need of replacing.

Is a roof leak an emergency?

There's never a good time for your roof to leak, but if it starts leaking during a severe rainstorm, it can quickly become an emergency. Water from a roof leak can contribute to wet insulation, crumbling drywall, peeling paint, wood rot, and mold growth. Finding and fixing a roof leak quickly can be a challenge, especially during a storm. We can help you prevent an emergency from occurring in the first place with our roofing services!

* Please note that we do not offer emergency roof repair.

Got a leaky roof? We've got you covered - contact us for a free estimate!

Regardless of the severity of your roof leak, it's always a good idea to have it checked out and addressed immediately before the problem gets worse. We offer complete roof inspections, along with roof leak repair and roof replacement services. If you live in Waukesha, Milwaukee, Lannon or nearby in Wisconsin, get help by scheduling a free roof leak repair estimate today!

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