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Before and After Pictures from Milwaukee
New gutters, soffit and fascia

New gutters, soffit and fascia

Before After
New gutters, soffit and fascia New gutters, soffit and fascia

This house in Milwaukee was being remodeled and we replaced the gutters, soffit and fascia along with cutting in 2 new smokestacks.

Leaking Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

Leaking Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

Before After
Leaking Roof Replacement in Milwaukee Leaking Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

This older, damaged roof was trying to hold on. Unfortunately, previous contractors layered multiple sets of shingles on top of each other, causing issues. We came in and removed all shingles and replaced some damaged wood underneath. Now the homeowners are protected by a 50-Year warranty with their new Klaus Roof by Buck Buckley!

New Roof Installation in Milwaukee

New Roof Installation in Milwaukee

Before After
New Roof Installation in Milwaukee New Roof Installation in Milwaukee

These lovely homeowners have had this roof for about 30 years. Unfortunately, it started leaking around the chimney causing problems. When we met the homeowners for the free consultation, we helped offer solutions to mitigate the risks of leaking around the chimney again and helped pick out a new roof with them. They chose our Castle grey asphalt shingle, and it looks stunning. 

Company Awards
Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley Wins 2023 BBB Spark Award for Entrepreneurship
Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley is proud to announce that we have been selected, to receive the 2023 BBB... [Read more]
Home Advisor Elite Service Award
Home Advisor Elite Service Award... [Read more]
Home Advisor 1 Year Award
Home Advisor 1 Year Award... [Read more]
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Your warranty was most impressive (your 50 year warranty on labor and materials)
Testimonial by Charles B. from Milwaukee, WI

Trusted roofing & gutters contractor in Milwaukee, WI

When it comes to creating a strong roofing system, you'll need a contractor who provides care and quality at every stage of your roof repair or replacement project. That is why Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley is committed to The Klaus Roofing Way, which promises a great customer experience, high-performance tools, and lasting results. Plus, we even provide durable, K-style gutter installations, downspouts, and gutter guards!

We guarantee:

  • Property protection
  • High-performance products & tools
  • Licensed & highly trained roofers
  • Strong & beautiful roofing systems
  • Open communication
  • FREE roofing estimates!

Not sure whether you need a roof replacement or repair? We offer thorough roof inspections and free service estimates in Milwaukee, WI and nearby!

Quick & efficient roof repairs

Has your home experienced harsh weather or roof leaks? Roof damage can take months or even years before becoming obvious. That is why regular inspections and maintenance will help you preserve your roofing system. We also offer roof repairs for missing shingles, installation failures, and more.

Our roof repair services:

  • Hail damage repairs
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Roof ventilation
  • And more!

Create a stronger and more reliable roofing system with roof repairs from Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley. We proudly serve Milwaukee, WI and areas nearby.

Durable new roof installations

Want to create a stronger roofing system? Sometimes roof repairs just won't cut it. If your roof experiences reoccurring problems, has sustained severe damage, is older than 20 years, or just needs a makeover, then a roof replacement would make more sense. A new roof will not only better protect your home from pests, moisture, winds, weather, and other outdoor elements, but it can also boost your home's curb appeal.

Unlike other roofers who cut corners and just install a new layer of shingles, Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley reinforces every layer of your roof, which creates a stronger system overall! Not sure whether you need to repair or replace your roof? We provide thorough roof inspections where we examine your roofing system, pinpoint issues, and recommend the services you need.

Schedule a free roof replacement estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Milwaukee, WI and areas nearby.

Schedule a free roofing service estimate

When it comes to creating a beautiful, stronger, and more valuable home, you'll need a roofing system that looks as great as it protects. Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley provides reliable roofing services with high-performance tools and modern techniques. Plus, our customer service is unbeatable – we promise open communication, property protection, and quality at every stage of your roofing project.

Schedule a free roofing estimate in Milwaukee, WI and nearby today!

Case Studies From Milwaukee
This roof was poorly installed. Their leaks were such a problem that they had to sleep in another room that didn’t have any!
This home had water coming into their house, damaging their drywall ceiling. This was caused by shingle and underlayment failure, which was affecting...
Press Releases From Milwaukee
Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley is proud to announce that we have been selected, to receive the 2023 BBB Spark Award for Entrepreneurship from the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.... [Read more]
Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley has been launched by Buck Buckley, veteran Total Basement Finishing expert. Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley offers roof replacements, roof repairs, and roof inspections in Delafield, Oconomowoc, and southeast Wisconsin.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Milwaukee, WI
Roof repair in Greenfield, WI

Homeowner had a section of roof that was sagging dramatically and looked in danger of falling off. When we went out there, we removed the decking, and determined that the original framer used short screws to install this section, and it wasn't enough to hold, long term. We jacked up the section and shored up the framing with longer screws. We installed new ice & water protector and IKO Dynasty shingles. When we were done, the previously slouching section looked as good as new!

Roof repair in Greenfield, WI - Photo 1
Roof Repair Contractor in Milwaukee, WI

This roof was suffering from several failure points and required some attention. When we met with the homeowner, he expressed that the main roof and the garage leaks are the priority. We set him up with options of helping his needs and settled on a plan he was comfortable with. This was a quick but much needed repair and will keep him safe and dry for years to come. 





Roof Repair Contractor in Milwaukee, WI - Photo 1
New shed roof in Milwaukee, WI

There's no roof too small for Klaus! Susan called us out to take care of her shed which was in desperate need of new shingles. Half the shingles were missing, and the other half were deteriorated beyond their usefulness. We came in and put a Klaus on their house. We treat every roof the same from our high quality underlayments to our impact resistant shingles. Just because it's a shed, doesn't mean it should leak. At the end of the project, Susan was happy we gave new life to her aging shed.

Chimney Flashing Leak Repaired in Glendale

Paul had a leak in his rubber chimney flashing. The water had made its way past the rubber, 2 layers of insulation board, the deck boards and into his house. We had a repair tech in the area with rubber materials on hand, so we were able to get his leak fixed just 2 days after signing with us. A quick turnaround for an urgent problem.


Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

This job went extremely well. We were able to deliver materials and use our new company truck, named Buckey. Once materials got on site, we started working on replacing the roof. The homeowner was excited to see the new roof go on so efficiently. After the project was done, we cleaned up and packed up Buckey for the next project ahead. 




Roof Replacement in Milwaukee - Photo 1
New Roof in Milwaukee

Some older roofs, especially in Milwaukee, have multiple layers of shingles laid over cedar roofing. This project had 3 layers of asphalt shingles on top of cedar shingles. Layering shingles like this can lead to all sorts of problems like shingles falling off, leaks, and more. We always tear the roof down to the wood, as we believe this is the only way you can ensure the roof will do its job properly.

On this project, we also put on brand new deck boards across the whole roof. Cedar shingles need to be attached to spaced-out deck boards to let them breathe, meaning the roof will be covered in big holes after the cedar is removed. Putting on new deck boards after removing cedar is essential if you want the shingles to stay on your roof.

New Roof in Milwaukee - Photo 1
Bend Metal to Save a Roof in Shorewood

The owners of this house called us out to take a look at the house they had recently moved into. The roof was brand new, but whoever replaced the roof did not replace one of the most crucial points: a complex metal valley. Often details like this are skipped over because installers want to save time or don't have the ability to deal with complex metal bends like this. We came and replaced the entire metal section with new metal. The leak was so bad that it had rotted out the wood beneath it, so we made sure to replace that with fresh CDX plywood. At the end of the day, it's details like this that separate a "good" roof from a great one.

Bend Metal to Save a Roof in Shorewood - Photo 1
No More Leaks in West Allis

After another company replaced this homeowner's roof, it was discovered that they did not install step flashing along the side of her dormer. They also did not install new flashing on her skylights. All of this was causing leaking all over the house. We came out and corrected the work that was done. We started by adding new step flashing, adjusting the siding so it covered the flashing, and installing 2 new skylights. At the end of the project, the customer was very happy with the work we did.

No More Leaks in West Allis - Photo 1
Leaky Chimney in Milwaukee

This chimney flashing was in terrible shape and had been covered in tar as a band-aid for a much deeper problem. After removing the tar and the aluminum flashing hidden underneath, we found there was no ice & water protector underneath, and no step flashing installed, meaning water being driven from the side could easily find its way underneath the flashing. We installed new Sealoron XT ice & water protector, step flashing, and a new aluminum counterflashing to properly protect the chimney from wind driven rains.

Leaky Chimney in Milwaukee - Photo 1
Efficient Attic Space in Milwaukee

Mark called us out to add a ridge vent to his house. Upon inspection of his roof and attic, we found that we could not install a ridge vent, as there was no ridge on the house, and instead, the peak of the roof was flat and roofed over with rubber. We instead ran a calculation for the size of his roof and how many box vents it would need and installed those instead, bringing the exhaust ventilation up to code. We also noticed that he had little to no eave ventilation, so we installed new soffit vents along all his eaves to keep the attic as cool as possible and bring the intake ventilation up to code. Mark now has a much more efficient attic space that will keep ice dams from forming in the winter, and keep his A/C bills down in the summer.

Efficient Attic Space in Milwaukee - Photo 1Efficient Attic Space in Milwaukee - Photo 2
Squirrels in attic, Milwaukee

This winter, Deborah had an electrical mast that was pulled out by an issue with the electrical pole on the street. This put a large hole in her roof, and damaged her soffits, fascia, gutter, and siding. The holes were so big that squirrels were able to find their way into her attic. After having an electrician out to replace the mast, we came out to re-deck and reroof that corner of her roof, as well as disassemble and reassemble her soffit and fascia. While we were out there, we ran a brand-new gutter along the back of her roof. Everything is looking good as new and with a cage and a little peanut butter, her attic should be squirrel free in no time.

Squirrels in attic, Milwaukee - Photo 1Squirrels in attic, Milwaukee - Photo 2
replaced defective roof

This roof was only 11 years old and due to improper installation; entire sections of the roof were falling off!  The house had major leaks inside and had to have ceilings re-done as well as wood replaced.  We installed a brand new, 50 YEAR WARRANTY roof!  This warranty also covers the labor-you can't go wrong!

replaced defective roof - Photo 1
Replaced roof in Milwaukee

My rental house and garage both needed a new roof right away.  Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley was able to replace both roofs and I was pleasantly surprised that they could do the work in winter.  I would highly recommend using them and I would use them again myself on my other houses!

Replaced roof in Milwaukee - Photo 1
Roof Replacement West Allis

I own a rental property in West Allis and the roof was severely damaged in the last windstorm.  Ryan came over right away to evaluate the damages and found that we needed the roof re-decked in order to be up to code.  He advocated for me with my insurance company and he was able to help me get everything that I needed in order to have a new roof that was up to code AND Klaus Roofing Systems standards, which are very high.  I now have a new roof and a 50-year warranty!  Thank you, Ryan, for going above and beyond for me!

Roof Replacement West Allis - Photo 1
Protect your house

Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley promises to protect your biggest investment, your house.  We use 6 feet of Ice and Water while other roofers may use only 3 feet.  With Wisconsin weather, we have found that that the homes here need that extra protection.  Our vision is to be the preferred roofing contractor who achieves consistently positive result for our employees and customers.

Protect your house - Photo 1
New roof in Milwaukee

Do you NEED a new roof?  Do you have shingles missing, curling, falling off?  Let Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley give you a free quote for your new roof!  We have an excellent 50 year transferable warranty and we are committed to providing WOW Service!

New roof in Milwaukee - Photo 1
New Chimney Flashing

Water was leaking through the chimney flashing, causing extensive damage inside the house.  We removed the existing materials and installed new Ice and Water, step flashing and aluminum counter flashing around the chimney.  We then installed new IKO Dynasty shingles in the repaired area.

New Chimney Flashing - Photo 1
Insurance Claim

We had some really bad wind damage to our roof. Klaus Roofing Systems come to the house right away and assessed the damage.  They wrote up the quote and worked directly with our insurance company to get all damages covered.  The repairs were completed expediently, and we couldn't be happier!  Thank you Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley, Keep up the great work!

Insurance Claim - Photo 1
New Gutters in Milwaukee

For this project, we needed to install new gutters and a new downspout. Sometimes, the downspouts won't work where you want to see them, but it'll be the best way to keep the integrity and improve the longevity of your roof.

New Gutters in Milwaukee - Photo 1New Gutters in Milwaukee - Photo 2
New roof in Milwaukee

This homeowner didn't think there was enough ventilation, and also mentioned it would sometimes leak! We were able to work with their schedule, the weather, (sometimes, life just happens!), and their hopes of getting everything done before winter settled in. 

New roof in Milwaukee - Photo 1
Chimney Flashing in Milwaukee

This home had a lot of leaks due to severe ice damming over the winter, as well as poor workmanship from previous patches and installations. Just take a look at how this chimney flashing is curling up, just inviting water to come in! 

Orlando, one of our team members at KRS, and his crew took an inordinate amount of time on the problem areas to make sure there are no more future leaks in those areas. He even said there had already been two repairs on that section and want to make sure there will never be a 4th repair to that area.

Chimney Flashing in Milwaukee - Photo 1
New Roof in Greenfield

This roof had a leak coming in from their front window. water was getting in through the rotted roof decking and lack of IKO Goldsheild Ice and Water protector. This was not only causing damage to the shingles and rotting roof deck but was also causing damage to the inside of the home. This could have been due to a lack of proper underlayment and poorly pitched gutters.

In order to make this issue no longer a problem, we replaced the entire roof, all rotted roof decking and soft spots, and replaced their gutters with brand new ones. Check out the journey of a roof replacement!

New Roof in Greenfield - Photo 1New Roof in Greenfield - Photo 2New Roof in Greenfield - Photo 3New Roof in Greenfield - Photo 4New Roof in Greenfield - Photo 5
Roof Repair - Milwaukee

This owner noticed a few shingles missing after seeing some leaks after some hard rains inside after just moving into their duplex. Water can cause damage to the roof deck as well as the inside of the house, so they found us on Home Advisor to come out for an inspection. 

After investigating, we could see that the last repair on this 10-year-old roof just added a layer of IKO shingles on top of the last layer instead of getting to the root of the problem. The shingles were sliding down because whoever installed them, did so into plank sheathing with gaps in it, so the nails aren’t grasping the roof deck or plywood, which causes shingles to come loose. There was also no Ice & Water protection installed underneath the shingles. 

There was a bump on the second story south side of the house, so we removed existing shingles, used IKO Gold Shield Ice & Water around the entire area above the bump on the exposed wood, taped all seams with seam tape, and used ring shank nails so they won’t pull up in the future. After re-shingling the area with IKO Dynasty Lifetime Shingles, we installed a new aluminum drip edge to avoid future leads. 

Our communication was swift and detailed, fixing their lead roof in just a couple of hours. 

Roof Repair - Milwaukee - Photo 1
Leak Repair in Milwaukee, WI

This is a before photo of a chimney cap on a ranch style home in Milwaukee, WI. The homeowner saw a water spot on the ceiling in her entryway and didn't know where it was coming from.

She called Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley to investigate, we determined that it was an easy fix and the best solution was to re-caulk the chimney cap with clear TryPolymer Sealant. This homeowner is now happy knowing that the leak is gone and wasn't a major issue. 

Leak Repair in Milwaukee, WI - Photo 1
Roof Replacement in South Milwaukee

Bruce B. in Milwaukee, WI contacted us because he noticed his ceiling was damp and starting to bulge. We showed up to give him a free estimate and decided that a roof replacement with new decking was needed. 

We started by tearing everything off the roof, then rebuilt the decking with CDX Plywood. The next step was to install Ice & Water and Underlayment before putting on the shingles. We also cut out a new ridge vent to ensure the home stays properly ventilated and added chimney flashing. 

These homeowners now know that their home is safe with a completely new roof put on the Klaus Roofing Way by Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley! 

Roof Replacement in South Milwaukee - Photo 1
Leaky roof causing electrical issues in Milwaukee, WI

Jimmie W. of Milwaukee and his wife moved into their new home within the last year. His wife compiled a list of to do's and his job was to make sure the items could be crossed off of his honey-do list :) 

To their surprise, they were experiencing electrical shortages in their dining room ceiling. There was water leaking from the ceiling and it was affecting the electrical. He went into the attic and found the source of the roof leak. As a temporary fix, he has placed a tarp in that area of the roof to deter any additional moisture getting into his home. Jimmie was reassured Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley could absolutely help him solve this issue.

Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley immediately booked an appointment to have a Roofing Consultant conduct a free inspection. Jimmie was grateful.

Check back soon for the final resolution and hear how Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley was able to provide a solution to Jimmie and get him a dry, safe home.

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