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Before and After Pictures from Waukesha County
Roof Replacement in Brookfield

Roof Replacement in Brookfield

Before After
Roof Replacement in Brookfield Roof Replacement in Brookfield

This homeowner took down the solar panels so he didn't have to maintain them yearly, but those shingles were discolored and were worn from general wear and tear. They called us with questions about their roof and gutters. Take a look at the differences in their gutters and look of the roof before, and after!

Replace Roof in Waukesha

Replace Roof in Waukesha

Before After
Replace Roof in Waukesha Replace Roof in Waukesha

We have done previous repairs on this house and they were so impressed with our workmanship and quality of products that they hired us to replaced the entire roof.

Leaky Valley in Waukesha

Leaky Valley in Waukesha

Before After
Leaky Valley in Waukesha Leaky Valley in Waukesha

House had a leaky valley in the roof, causing leaking and damage in the ceiling.  We rebuilt the entire valley to prevent any further damages.

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Reviews From Waukesha County

Trusted roofing contractor in Waukesha County, WI

When it comes to creating a strong roofing system, you'll need a contractor who provides care and quality at every stage of your roof repair or replacement project. That is why Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley is committed to The Klaus Roofing Way, which promises a great customer experience, high-performance tools, and lasting results.

We guarantee:

  • Property protection
  • High-performance products & tools
  • Licensed & highly trained roofers
  • Strong & beautiful roofing systems
  • Open communication
  • FREE roofing estimates!

Not sure whether you need a roof replacement or repair? We offer thorough roof inspections and free service estimates in Waukesha County, WI and nearby!

Quick & efficient roof repairs

Has your home experienced harsh weather or roof leaks? Roof damage can take months or even years before becoming obvious. That is why regular inspections and maintenance will help you preserve your roofing system. We also offer roof repairs for missing shingles, ice dams, installation failures, and more.

Our roof repair services:

  • Hail damage repairs
  • Storm damage repairs
  • Ice dam removal & prevention
  • Roof ventilation
  • And more!

Create a stronger and more reliable roofing system with roof repairs from Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley. We proudly serve Waukesha County, WI and areas nearby.

Durable new roof installations

Want to create a stronger roofing system? Sometimes roof repairs just won't cut it. If your roof experiences reoccurring problems, has sustained severe damage, is older than 20 years, or just needs a makeover, then a roof replacement would make more sense. A new roof will not only better protect your home from pests, moisture, winds, weather, and other outdoor elements, but it can also boost your home's curb appeal.

Unlike other roofers who cut corners and just install a new layer of shingles, Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley reinforces every layer of your roof, which creates a stronger system overall! Not sure whether you need to repair or replace your roof? We provide thorough roof inspections where we examine your roofing system, pinpoint issues, and recommend the services you need.

Schedule a free roof replacement estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Waukesha County, WI and areas nearby.

Schedule a free roofing service estimate

When it comes to creating a beautiful, stronger, and more valuable home, you'll need a roofing system that looks as great as it protects. Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley provides reliable roofing services with high-performance tools and modern techniques. Plus, our customer service is unbeatable – we promise open communication, property protection, and quality at every stage of your roofing project.

Schedule a free roofing estimate in Waukesha County, WI and nearby today!

Case Studies From Waukesha County
Sometimes, problems are caused by poor or wrong installations. With this home, the attic was not properly vented and was in need of a ridge vent and...
Job Stories From Waukesha County, WI
Full roof replacement (including detached garage) in Oconomowoc, WI

This Oconomowoc customer was selling his home and as a result of a home inspection, it was recommended that he contact a professional, licensed roofing company for a thorough inspection of the roof for his 2 story colonial home that included an attached garage as well as a separate detached garage. Through the Klaus Roofing Way inspection process, our Roofing Design Specialist determined that there had been substantial decking damage so a full roof replacement would be needed to correct his issues the right way.

Due to his tight timeline of getting his home on the market quickly, our Production team coordination his job and was completed within 10 business days from the time he signed the contract!

This customer can now feel 100% confident because he can transfer the 50 year warranty to the next lucky homeowner! 



Repair in Brookfield WI

The selling of this home in Brookfield, WI was put to a halt when the home inspector said that some cracked shingles needed to be replaced and the chimney reflashed. This is a problem because if these things are left unattended, they can turn into a leak and create unhappy buyers. After doing some research the customer chose us to get the job done. We replaced the cracked shingles and installed high-quality aluminum flashing. Ensuring that whoever moves in can sleep easy knowing that they will never wake up to the sound of rain coming in through the ceiling and that their heads will remain dry. 

Repair in Brookfield WI - Photo 1
Roof Replacement in Hartland, WI

The owners of this ranch style home in Hartland, WI noticed that their ceiling was starting to wrinkle and fall from water damage. They contacted us to find out where the leak was coming from and resolve the issue. 

During the inspection, we determined that a roof replacement was needed. We removed the satellite dish and stripped the roof down to the decking. Then we layed IKO GoldSheild Ice & Water along the eaves, and valleys before installing a new ridge vent and laminated shingles. We also replaced two old pipe boots that were known to leak in the past with Perma Boots.

Before we left we put flashing around the chimney and were asked by the owners to place an extra bundle of shingles on a shelf in the shed. They are now happy knowing that their roof will remain leak-free and the ceiling will stay dry. 


Roof Replacement in Hartland, WI - Photo 1
Roof Repair in Muskego

The owners of this beautiful home in Muskego, WI had recently moved in and made a post on Facebook in search of a good roofer after discovering that the skylights were leaking. Thinking that a flashing repair might resolve the issue, they got in contact with us and scheduled an appointment for a free estimate. At the home, we noticed that some shingles were lifting up near the chimney.

We decided that the solution was to seal all four skylights with glaze and flashing. After that, we re-sealed the flashing around the chimney to ensure a leak-free home and sealed the shingles that were starting to lift up. This home now stays dry when it rains and won't need to be replaced for a while. 

Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI

Chimney flashing is found at the point where your roof meets your chimney. It’s supposed to maintain a waterproof seal that protects the roof and chimney from moisture penetration. When this is compromised, it’s common to see chimney leaks when the brick and mortar joints become brittle, which can lead to a damaged roof and attic, or even heavy water damaged to your actual chimney. 

After removing the existing rotted wood, and exterior damages, Klaus Roofing by Buck Buckley made sure this chimney will last a lifetime. 

Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 1Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 2Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 3Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 4Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 5Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 6Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 7Chimney Flashing - Sussex, WI - Photo 8
Chimney Cricket - Brookfield

The owners to this home recently moved in and noticed several aspects about their roof that needed repair. They chose to focus on the chimney cricket and installing a ridge vent. Since this roof did not have a ridge vent to begin with, it was important to understand that ridge vents are the most efficient and cost-effective roof ventilation system around!

They already saw damage forming like cracks in the bricks and mortar joints, so to protect their chimney from any further water leaks into the attack or ceilings, we installed a new chimney cricket.

We removed the shingles behind the larger chimney down to the wood, removed the aluminum chimney flashing and existing tin shingles and framed out the cricket. We then installed an IKO Goldshield Ince and Water over the entire area. We installed new IKO shingles in emerald green around the affected area, and installed a new step flashing, apron flashing, and counterflashing. 

Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 1Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 2Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 3Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 4Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 5Chimney Cricket - Brookfield - Photo 6
New Roof in Waukesha

This roof was around 20 years old (just about the time to replace your roof) when there were leaks coming into their bedroom from one of the attic vents. Attic vents break down over time- that’s why we use ridge vents!

This leak was causing some drywall to rot. The overall roof was in decent condition and probably had another couple of years in it, but in order to fix the lead we would have had to replace the entire slope, which was half the house.

So, the homeowners decided it was best to replace the whole roof, chimney, and attic vents. They loved IKO Dynasty AR shingle colors and the lifetime warranty. 

New Roof in Waukesha - Photo 1New Roof in Waukesha - Photo 2New Roof in Waukesha - Photo 3
Shingle Replacement in Muskego

The ridge cap shingles all needed to be replaced on this home - they were all rotting away! This could cause leaking along the hips and ridges or could be caused by general wear and tear, or faulty/recalled shingles.

We replaced all the hip and ridge caps, and all the ridge vents as well. We used IKO Hip and Ridge to ensure the customer that we were using actual cap shingles that are made specifically for the job. We also used VentSure ridge vents to allow more venting through its unique design.

The customer was very concerned about the gutter guard being damaged, so we took extra precautions to make sure they weren't harmed in any way. Since this was installed during a cooler season, we also made sure the shingles were warming under a tarp and heater before installing because if you install shingles in cooler weather, those shingles may become brittle and more prone to breakage over time.

Shingle Replacement in Muskego - Photo 1
Leaking Roof Repair in New Berlin

This customer had leaking from her roof into her home in a 16x18 section. She also needed flashing repaired while our crew was out.


We went out and replaced/installed new shingles over the patch that was leaking for her, this was a smaller project considering it was such a small area that needed to be repaired but our team was more than happy to go out and help the leak into the home!






Garage Roof Repair in Mukwonago

We got in contact with this customer and spoke to him about his project. He told us that he had some overhang on his garage and that it was leaking. He had a thought that it had something to do with the wood rotting behind the fascia or the soffit. 

Our Roofing Design Specialist went out and did a thorough inspection and informed him of his next steps and our team then went out and removed the fascia replaced lots of rotten wood underneath, and installed new fascia for him. The product looked great and the customer was pleased!


Leak Roof Repair in Dousman

This customer had a company out to fix a large leak before getting in contact with us to fix the same leak. They had them out and the issue was not resolved so our team went out to look at a leak and after an inspection, our Roofing Design Specialist had determined there was more to it than just a leak in the roof. They had a large leak going from the upstairs master bedroom all the way down to the first-floor garage.


Our roofing team went out and did the job right the first time! the end results looked great and there was no leaking afterward. We replaced the chimney flashing, half of the garage roof, and rubber roof. New Perma boot, lots of rotten plywood, and railing removed and reinstalled. The customer was happy and we were happy to help.

Double Roof & Gutter Inspection in Menomonee Falls, WI

These Homeowners in Menomonee Falls, WI contacted us because their roof needed repair and they were looking for a professional opinion to see if they needed their gutters replaced or repaired. We set them up with a free inspection and consultation with our Roofing Design Specialist, Ryan Hoppenjan. Ryan met with them and told them about our products and our company and inspected the home roof, the garage roof, and their gutters. After inspection, Ryan then proposed that they replace their roof with our Asphalt Shingles and that their gutters did in fact need replacing. These homeowners were extremely pleased that we were able to offer a completely free inspection and be able to advise them on the next steps for their project.

Leaky Roof Repair in Wells

This building owner found us on Home Advisor to reach out about some missing and broken shingles, and even though there might be water back up from the gutters, but wasn't sure.

This partial roof replacement contained projects of stripping the old roof in one section, installing Ice and Water Shield, replacing (2) rotted deck boards, and installing new shingles.

We worked together to find matching shingles and also used CDX plywood since it's better for water protection.

Leaky Roof Repair in Wells - Photo 1Leaky Roof Repair in Wells - Photo 2Leaky Roof Repair in Wells - Photo 3
Roof Repairs in Waukesha

This home had some light water damage with some of the water damage problems, a damaged ridge, and some popped nails. We removed shingles with house matching shingles and installed IKO Ice and Water to take care of any future water damage. We also installed Perma-Boots on the back of the house which is a system designed to permanently repair the most common type of roof leak the leak around the vent pipes that penetrate your roof. The Perma-Boot will stand up to all weather extremes and is warranted for the life of the existing shingle, which is why we encouraged that option. We also installed new ridge caps on the front ridge of the garage, since theirs were damaged. 


Roof Repairs in Waukesha - Photo 1Roof Repairs in Waukesha - Photo 2Roof Repairs in Waukesha - Photo 3
Re-Pitch Gutters

Buck Buckley uses this auto shop for repairs on his vehicles. The repair shop mentioned that they have some problems with water from the gutters going into their parking lot and creating slippery spots, especially in the winter months.  Buck had his Design Specialist Ryan stop over and evaluate the gutters to find out why this is happening.  Ryan determined that the gutters were improperly pitched to send the water into the lot.  The Klaus Team come out the very next day and re-pitched the gutters so that the water would run off into the side yards instead of the parking lot.  All of this was done withing 24 hours!  So very happy with the expedient services!  No more water in the lot!

Re-Pitch Gutters - Photo 1
Total Roof and chimney repairs in Delafield

This home in Delafield needed a complete rebuild of the chimney plus replace the entire roof.  It obviously had some weathering and damages to it.  The chimney had completely crumbled causing even more damage to the roof. We decided that the best route for this roof and chimney repair would be to completely remove the existing roof, damaged wood and underlayment.  Install new aluminum flashing for the brick chimney, new architectural lifetime shingles as well as new Ice and Water 6 feet up plus synthetic felt on balance of wood.  We wanted to be sure that the homeowner would never have to replace the roof again!

Total Roof and chimney repairs in Delafield - Photo 1
Leaky roof and chimney in Brookfield

The shingles and chimney flashing on this house were lifting because they weren't properly sealed.  As time went on, it only got worse.  The owner started to notice wet spots on her ceiling after the rains.  We replaced the entire roof with IKO shingles and used Ice and Water to protect her home.  We also replaced the chimney flashing.  Now she has a beautiful new roof and no leaks!

Leaky roof and chimney in Brookfield - Photo 1
New Roof in Brookfield

This home discovered a leak in one of their bedrooms due to a large ice dam. So, we went in and made sure to use IKO's Ice and Water Protector for their new roof.

New Roof in Brookfield - Photo 1New Roof in Brookfield - Photo 2
Fixing Leaks in Dousman

This home had a bad leak in their rubber roof, asphalt shingles, and chimney flashing intersection with multiple boards rotten through to the interior. They had water coming inside their house, most likely due to the chimney flashing, however, there were leaks that weren't related to that as well, so the whole section had issues.

In order to solve this problem, we replaced a large section of asphalt roofing, rubber roofing, and chimney flashing using EPDM rubber roofing, new shingles and underlayments, and aluminum flashing. We were able to put their railing back on with proper caulking to ensure no leaks would return in that section.

Fixing Leaks in Dousman - Photo 1Fixing Leaks in Dousman - Photo 2
WOW Service in Dousman

The KRS team knows it's an investment to replace your roof. This is why we'll make sure your journey goes as smoothly as possible.

This home was lived in for about 30 years- just about the time for a normal roof replacement. The owners were looking for a particular color and material brand, so we did as much research as we could about this product, where it was being used, and what products were being used in the homeowner's area. 

Replacing a roof can be costly, but will be worth the investment in the long run. After all, a lot of projects we come to repair are due to poor workmanship. Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley is a local establishment that promises the highest quality for your roof. When you get a quote from us, we can work with you! Not only do we have financing options available, but we can also take a look at the quote and see where we could tighten things up based on your roof's most immediate needs. 

WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 1WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 2WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 3WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 4WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 5
Mossy Shingles

This roof was only 20 years old, but the owners wanted to see how much life was left. As you can see from the before picture, the shingles had moss growing on the shingles! In case you're not familiar, that's not a good sign at all. We were able to replace the roof with the best materials (and our 50-year warranty!) to make sure their roof had a nice long life ahead of it. 

After removing rotten and damaged plywood, we make sure to use IKO GoldShield Ice & Water protector under all shingles. We also sealed it with IKO Gold Seam Roof Seal Tape and nailed them down with HD Galvanized Steel Roofing Coil Nails. 

Mossy Shingles - Photo 1
Full Inspection

We were called out to quote replacement gutters on this house in Nashotah.  Upon arrival and inspection, we found that the entire roof was disintegrating and needed replacement as soon as possible.  Most homeowners are unaware when their roof gets to this point.  Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buck Buckley will come to your house to evaluate the condition of your roof at no charge to you.

Full Inspection - Photo 1

EDPM roofs like this will break down after time, especially if leaves and debris collect on it.  Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley inspects and repairs or replaces the EDPM flat roof before you have any more damage to the inside of your home.

EDPM - Photo 1
WOW! Service

Ryan was at Julie's house to evaluate her damaged roof for her insurance company. While inside doing his attic inspection, he noticed that she a few light bulbs out in her family room. Since he had his ladder up, he changed the bulbs out for her.  Now that's what I call WOW SERVICE!  Thanks for going above and beyond, Ryan!

Pick your preference

Once you decide to replace you roof, we have a wide variety of IKO shingle colors for you to pick from.   

Pick your preference - Photo 1
Need a new roof?

Is your roof literally falling apart?  Soffits and fascia deteriorating?  Leaks inside your house?  Don't wait until it's too late!  Stay ahead of the game and have Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley replace your roof ASAP!

Need a new roof? - Photo 1
Raindrop Gutter Guards

My gutters were constantly clogging from tree debris because I live on a wooded lot.  I wanted gutter guards that would prevent this as well as not needing maintenance.  Klaus Roofing Systems bu Buck Buckley showed me that the Raindrop Gutter Guard is the best option for my gutters.  It will deflect all debris and allow the rain to move through freely.  They are extremely durable, and the dark color allows the ice and snow to melt much quicker which in turns helps prevent ice dams.

Raindrop Gutter Guards - Photo 1
Saggy Roof

Is your roof sagging?  When you see it from the ground, does it look warped?   Don't climb or walk on it, it could be very dangerous.  This roof in Elm Grove was literally caving in.  The owner tried to repair it himself with a couple of boards and ended up with large holes because it caved in.  Let Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley make the necessary repairs or replacement.  We will inspect the entire roof AND in the attic at no charge to determine what all of  your options are.  The  we will show you our findings so that you can make and educated decision as to how you would like to proceed.  It's all up to YOU!

Saggy Roof - Photo 1
Best Shed Roof in Dousman

After working with Bonnie over a year ago on her flat roofing project, she called us to come out and replace the roof on her shed. The shed had lots of moss and some rotten plywood, so we replaced the roof, and necessary decking. When we were done, Bonnie was left with the nicest shed roof in Dousman. She was thankful for our quick scheduling and execution time, as well as the care we took with her lawn.

Best Shed Roof in Dousman - Photo 1
Ridge Vents in Hartland

Homeowner (Adam) had been concerned over ventilation issues in his attic. He had just moved into this house from a house that had only ridge vents and he had never noticed problems with the ventilation. Now that he has moved into his current home with only vents in it, he has noticed that they were having problems with humidity, so Adam called an inspector and the inspector noticed that the house had insufficient ventilation and recommended a roofer come to evaluate and repair the ventilation problems. We came to Adam's house and did our full inspection on his roof and attic. We ended up installing new box vents that allowed higher ventilation than the ones he already had. Now he has adequate ventilation which will help prevent ice dams, mold and deterioration of roofing materials.

Replace roof in Dousman

While in the middle of installing this roof, there was a sudden change in weather forecast, and an afternoon storm popped up out of nowhere. Since we only tear off what we think we can install that day, we were able to finish the side we were working on and leave the other side of the roof still covered in the old roof until we could come back to finish the following day. You will notice in the photo; we tape ALL seams. No other roofing company in Wisconsin does this! We do this because it is part of the Klus Roofing Way and one of the 12 reasons that we provide a 50-year warranty on a new roof!

Replace roof in Dousman - Photo 1
New roof in Oconomowoc

This job was interesting in different ways. First of all, let's get it out of the way, Theresa is Buck's mail carrier. She has a great personality! They were expecting us to do the job right, but what they got was above and beyond! Her husband noticed all the small things we did for them. He had told us that he was concerned with some areas that were going to be left uncovered. When we told him that we were going to add ice and water to the areas also, he was happy to hear that due to the fact that he wasn't expecting this WOW service as most contractors have not gone above and beyond for him in the past. Towards the end of the job, he was just ecstatic to let us know that we went above and beyond what he was expecting!

New roof in Oconomowoc - Photo 1
WOW Service in Dousman

We recently replaced the roof on this great home located in a beautiful area. A very lovely couple owns this house and just wanted a roof that would last them as he said, "what life they have left to enjoy with their kids". When our Roofing Specialist arrived at the house, the first thing they wanted was the best and strongest shingle that they could get for a good price. Once we explained to them that our shingles are rated class 3, they were excited! When the job was complete, we had told the owners that they could get money back from their homeowner's insurance but he needed some help so he called us and asked us if we could help out with this. He gave us the documents and we filled them out for him so that he didn't have to worry, but also get some money back from his insurance company. We are committed to WOW Service and would do the same for you!

WOW Service in Dousman - Photo 1
All Hail Klaus Roofing Way in Oconomowoc

We at Klaus Roofing by Buck Buckley take extreme pride in the Klaus Roofing way. A way that makes sure we only use the highest quality materials on the job. Like using ring shank nails that have ridges around the shank that increases the holding power of the nail by 40%. The ridges act as wedges that lock the nail into the wood once it's driven in.

Its quality from top to bottom like that leads to customer feedback like this:

Recently, our previous customer from Oconomowoc called us after a massive hailstorm that dumped 3-inches of golf-ball-size hail across the area. This customer told us that he had some storm chasers knock on his door to come and evaluate his roof. After allowing them up on his roof, they all came back down the roof sad and upset because there wasn't any damage from the hail. Absolutely no damage to his roof at all in this massive hailstorm! He added, "my whole neighborhood is all shredded up, but these shingles weathered the storm better than everyone else's!"

This is why we at Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley take pride in our quality from the top down. We stand by our work so much that we offer a 50-year labor + materials warranty! You trust your roof to protect you and your family, let us be the roof that stands up to the weather and protects them. If you were impacted by the storm, we can help you navigate insurance adjusters and the crazy process of building back. Give us a call today to schedule your free estimate at 1-844-899-8447

New Chimney Flashing in Brookfield

Jennifer had leaking coming from her chimney.  When we reviewed the area, we found the chimney flashing was old, and worn out.  The shingles alongside the chimney were also raised significantly, indicating something weird was going on underneath.  When we removed the flashing, we found it was not properly step flashed and there was no ice and water protector installed underneath!  These are two crucial aspects of flashing that, if left out or done improperly will lead to leaks.  We installed new step flashing, ice and water protection, and some new shingles around the damaged area.  Jennifer was happy to hear that we were able to solve her issue, and how we were able to do it.

New Chimney Flashing in Brookfield - Photo 1
Hail Damage Repair in Oconomowoc

After a big hailstorm, some shingles were damaged on this roof. Unfortunately, this happens sometimes. We sprang into action! After inspecting and helping navigate the insurance process, we replaced the damaged shingles and brought this roof back to peak performance for years to come. 



Hail Damage Repair in Oconomowoc - Photo 1
Roof Hailstorm Repair in Oconomowoc

This homeowner suffered damage from a recent hailstorm. After consulting them and helping them with insurance, we got started putting on their new roof in our awesome color known as Driftshake. After the roof installation, this homeowner also added our RainDrop Pro Gutter Guard.

Roof Hailstorm Repair in Oconomowoc - Photo 1
Leaky Roof Replaced in Big Bend

The homeowner called us out to look at her rental property.  After reviewing the leaking area (the valley), we did a full inspection of the entire roof.  We discovered multiple points of failure including nail pops, failing chimney flashing, and shingle decay.  After discussing the options, we came to the conclusion that the best course of action was to replace the whole roof.  While we could patch the leak, it would just be a band-aid on a roof that was ready to fail.  The homeowner was happy with the finished product and with our 50-year warranty protecting her investment.

Leaky Roof Replaced in Big Bend - Photo 1
House in need of a Roof Replacement in Lannon

We met with a lovely homeowner in Lannon about their roof. They had issues with losing shingles on their house and had recently replaced their garage roof. We came out and met with the homeowner and discussed their issues. We talked about how we use ring shank nails to securely hold the shingles down to prevent what was happening. Your roof doesn't have to suffer, proper construction and workmanship can help mitigate some of these issues. The best part is it is all backed by an industry-leading 50-year warranty!


House in need of a Roof Replacement in Lannon - Photo 1
Partial Roof Replacement on Muskego, WI House

This house had a leak on one section of their roof. We packed our bags and drove straight to the house. Once on the roof, we pinpointed the leaking section and found damage to some surrounding shingles. After devising a plan, we did a partial roof replacement. We removed a section of the shingles in the affected area, repaired the roof and started our normal process of putting on our underlayment. Once that was completed, we started the installation of our IKO shingles. Since this was a partial replacement, our warranty is 15 years. Once the homeowner finishes the rest of the roof with us, it will be backed by our industry-leading 50-year warranty. 

Partial Roof Replacement on Muskego, WI House - Photo 1
Brookfield , WI Chimney Flashing Replacement

Ron called us out to take a look at his failing chimney flashing.  While we were there, we looked over his whole roof and found many points of failure.  We recommended a full roof replacement, but they weren't quite ready for that, so we just replaced their chimney flashing for now.  While we were replacing the flashing, we built a proper cricket to divert water away from the base of the chimney, and we ended up having to install new decking surrounding the chimney since it had been leaking for so long.  They now have a beautiful new flashing, and we look forward to the opportunity to put a Klaus on their house in the future.

Brookfield , WI Chimney Flashing Replacement - Photo 1
Repairs on roof in Menomonee Falls, WI

Johann initially had us out to take a look at his ventilation and ended up having quite a few projects for us while we were there. We started by correcting the ventilation issue, and continued on to replace his chimney flashing, repairing some damaged shingles from a storm, and adding an exhaust vent for his kitchen. After the project, he thanked us for our "amazing customer support and communication."

No-no roof in Sussex

Brad called us out to take a look at some leaking coming from complex intersection of rooflines. A valley, a wall, and a rake edge all came together to create quite a sticky situation. When we removed the shingles, we found there was no ice & water protector installed, which is a big no-no, especially for problem spots like this. We installed new valley metal, step flashing, ice & water protector and shingles, as well as a kickout flashing to direct water away from the house and down into the gutter. It's spots like these you want the utmost care and attention paid to save you from headache later on.

No-no roof in Sussex - Photo 1
Chimney Leak - Roof Repair - Waukesha, WI

Sometimes a leak really just rains on your day. No fear, we are here. Our roofing professionals sprang into action and went out to repair this homeowner's roof. The rotting wood was installed by the previous roofing company. They didn't fix the problem, instead literally covered it up. The workmanship on your roof is critical. It is protecting you and your family. That's why we make sure our workmanship and quality are the best on the market. So, when it does come time for a full roof replacement you know we are the company to trust. 


Chimney Leak - Roof Repair - Waukesha, WI - Photo 1
Chimney Repair in Waukesha

Rick called us out to look at his roof which was done only 4 months ago.  When we arrived, he showed us new leaks that did not exist before the roof was put on.  The primary culprit was the flashing around his two chimneys.  Both had very shoddy workmanship and looked terrible.  Rick explained he had gone with a storm chaser company rather than a quality installer.  After we took the flashings apart, we found damaged wood beneath them, meaning the company either installed new roofing over damaged wood, or the chimney was leaking so badly that it had already rotted out the wood beneath it.  Either way, not good!  We installed brand-new flashings on both chimneys and some other spots that needed attention.  Rick is now happy to have a roof that no longer leaks and wishes he never went with a storm chaser to fix his hail-damaged roof.


Chimney Repair in Waukesha - Photo 1
A lovely couple in Lannon needs a new roof and gutter guards.

A lovely couple in Lannon contacted us with their large roofing project that needed to be completed. We visited their home and discovered many issues that we could take care of for them. They needed a new roof, that was obvious. However, they also needed new gutters and gutter guards, needed to replace their ventilation, and add a soffit vent and ridge vent to the front garage section. This can all be achieved using the Klaus Roofing Way, and they will never have to worry about their roof again!



A lovely couple in Lannon needs a new roof and gutter guards. - Photo 1
A Lannon Homeowner in Need

We met with a homeowner in Lannon that had a rough time with his previous roofing project. The previous roofers came in 5 years ago and used regular nails to replace his roof. Now, his shingles are lifting because of this poor decision by other contractors. Klaus Roofing Systems uses ring shank nails. The threads on these nails separate the wood fibers, which then lock back into the rings, thus resisting removal. This one product change can make your roof last 50 years instead of 5, so you never have to deal with roofing issues ever again!

A Lannon Homeowner in Need - Photo 1
Roof Repair in Brookfield, WI

During our inspection at this home, we found a wealth of improperly installed products.  The chimney flashing was never done, step flashing in other sections was not installed, and there was a massive hole at the end of their valley which led to soffit & fascia damage.  When we did the roof, we were able to disassemble the soffit and fascia, and reassemble it after changing out the rotting wood beneath.  They now have a hole-free roof with proper flashing installed, and the unsightly soffit and fascia neatly restored.

Roof Repair in Brookfield, WI - Photo 1
Roof Repair in Dousman, WI

On this Dousman, WI job, we repaired this chimney. The repair consisted of removing the shingles and flashing around the chimney and installing new SealoronXT Ice & water protector around chimney. Once that was complete, we put on new step flashing and counterflashing around the chimney. THe last step was that we installed new shingles in order to fix the customer's problem. 

Full Roof Replacement in Eagle, WI

This home located in Eagle, WI was in need of a complete roof replacement. They gave Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley a call because they knew they wanted it done right. After our design specialist showed them options, we got right to work. We first tore off the layer of existing roofing materials and replaced any damaged plywood decking. We then installed Sealoron XT Deck Tape and Sealoron XT Ice & Water Shield from all eaves, valleys, and around the chimneys. To ensure complete moisture protection, we laid down Velora One Synthetic Underlayment, a durable tear-resistant material engineered to repel water and adhere to the roofing surface. To finish off this complete roof replacement, we used IKO Dynasty AR shingles in the color Granite Black. 


Once the roof replacement was completed, we got started on the gutters. We installed 5" Gutters in our black color to help blend in after we removed and discarded the old ones. With some Aluminum Downspouts, this roofing job was complete! Happy customers, now protected under the Klaus Roofing Way!


Full Roof Replacement in Eagle, WI - Photo 1
New gutters in Oconomowoc

Zachariah's Acres called us out to install gutters on their new outdoor pavilion. This pavilion had a design with no fascia board to install gutters on, so we decided to tie directly into the rafters. We also ran the gutter along the back of the building, to keep the pathway clear for visitors. In the color selection process, we were able to match the green metal roof color perfectly and went with a tan color for the downspouts to match the rest of the wooden structure. Overall, it came out looking fantastic, and working great!

New gutters in Oconomowoc - Photo 1
Repair leak around chimney in Muskego

Steve called us out to look at his chimney. It seemed that the flashing originally installed was not doing the job of keeping water out of his house! The decking on either side of the chimney was completely rotted away. We removed the siding on the chimney, and the shingles and rotten plywood on the roof, and installed new plywood, ice & water protector, and shingles, reinstalling the siding where it was previously. At the end of the day, the roof looked just as good as it looked before, but this time, much more functional!

Gutters at Zachariah's Acres

Zachariah's Acres called us out to install gutters on their new outdoor pavilion. This pavilion had a design with no fascia board to install gutters on, so we decided to tie directly into the rafters. We also ran the gutter along the back of the building, to keep the pathway clear for visitors. In the color selection process, we were able to match the green metal roof color perfectly, and went with a tan color for the downspouts to match the rest of the wooden structure. Overall, it came out looking fantastic, and working great!

Gutters at Zachariah's Acres - Photo 1Gutters at Zachariah's Acres - Photo 2
WOW Service in Waukesha!

THe homeowner called us out to take a look at his soffit and fascia which was falling off. He was getting his house ready to put on the market and had a very short timeline that we needed to hit. We happened to have a rainy day coming up (meaning no roofing), and we took the opportunity to fill it with this soffit job. The weather ended up not being to bad anyway, and we make quick work of the soffits, and left him enough time to paint things up before the photos of the home would be taken by the realtor.

Bridging Budgets: Navigating Roof Renovation Challenges with Homeowner

In a full consultation with homeowner Earl, it was revealed that his 20+ year-old roof was in severe disrepair, leading to active leaks over the kitchen and dining room. Inspections of the attic and rooftop unveiled extensive issues, prompting the recommendation of a comprehensive roof and gutter replacement. Earl, constrained by a tight budget, expressed interest but needed to consult with his wife, who collaborates with other general contractors. A subsequent phone conversation with Earl outlined plans for him to handle gutter removal personally to meet the budget constraints. The proposed solution involves financing through a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), aligning with Earl's monthly payment goal of $50. The next steps include a follow-up visit to finalize a loan and choose a shingle color, aiming to provide a cost-effective yet durable solution for the homeowner's roofing needs.

Chimney Flashing Replacement in Elm Grove, WI

In response to concerns about water marks on the rafters and a suspected roof leak, Mike and Sheri sought professional assistance. They engaged with experienced contractor Buck to evaluate the situation. Upon inspecting the chimneys and examining the flashings, Buck observed signs of aging and wear. He indicated that the flashings likely hadn't been replaced during the last roof installation and were secured using a suboptimal method. Buck proposed two solutions in his detailed report:


1. Comprehensive Flashing Replacement:


- Remove and replace existing flashings.

- Install new ice & water protector around the chimneys.

- Implement proper step flashing along the sides.

- Introduce new counterflashing for each chimney.


2. Flashings Servicing Option:


- Cost: $750 (complimentary servicing by Buck).

- Re-nail and caulk existing flashings as a temporary fix.


Recognizing the urgency to address the issue before snow accumulation, Buck provided estimates for both options. Additionally, he extended a "Buck Discount" to facilitate a more cost-effective solution. Sheri, after reviewing the attic with Buck, received the estimate and options. The couple deliberated over the choices, considering the impact on their home's integrity.


In the subsequent days, Mike and Sheri carefully evaluated the proposed solutions. They weighed the benefits of a complete flashing replacement against the more budget-friendly option of servicing the existing flashings. Buck awaited their decision, understanding the significance of the choice for their home's well-being.


As the decision-making process unfolded, Mike and Sheri prepared to make a choice. Buck remained ready to assist, whether they opted for a comprehensive flashing replacement or chose to service the existing flashings. The fate of their chimneys and the protection of their home hung in the balance, with Buck committed to preserving the integrity of their beloved abode.

Roof and Ventilation Repair in Pewaukee, WI

Mr. Nate, a homeowner with a roof concern, reached out to us regarding a section of the roof where a bathroom vent had been venting into the attic. This issue resulted in leakage from the attic vent into the bathroom, prompting the need for immediate attention.


During a one-hour consultation, it was identified that the north side of the roof exhibited sagging towards the top, primarily due to the bathroom vent termination in the attic. The proposed solution included a quote for partial repair, adding a bath vent hood, and replacing two sheets of decking along with approximately 3 sq. ft. of shingles.


Considering other ongoing projects and budget considerations, Mr. Nate expressed a leaning towards the repair option during the meeting. The roof, about 15 years old since installation, had been showing signs of wear since Mr. Nate moved in a couple of years ago.


Further discussions were planned with Mr. Nate's wife to finalize the decision, and a follow-up was scheduled for today. It's worth noting that Mr. Nate was referred to us by the Feller project last summer, establishing a connection through previous satisfied clients. We are committed to providing the best solution for Mr. Nate's roof concerns, ensuring durability and addressing the underlying issues.

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