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New Porch Roof in Milwaukee

New Porch Roof in Milwaukee

Before After
New Porch Roof in Milwaukee New Porch Roof in Milwaukee

This porch roof was rotting and caving in, so we replaced the whole front section of the roof on the porch overhang, along with some rafters and the decking. We used CDX plywood for this job because it's strong and lasts forever!

EPDM Roof Repair in Milwaukee

EPDM Roof Repair in Milwaukee

Before After
EPDM Roof Repair in Milwaukee EPDM Roof Repair in Milwaukee

We were able to repair their EPDM roof and porch area, accompanied by new gutters and downspouts to ensure maximum roof longevity.

Replace EPDM roof in Milwaukee

Replace EPDM roof in Milwaukee

Before After
Replace EPDM roof in Milwaukee Replace EPDM roof in Milwaukee

We replaced Barbara's entire EPDM (flat) roof after a bad windstorm had torn the entire roof off.

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Thank you for your prompt attention to this important issue!
Testimonial by Angelita K. from Milwaukee, WI
Repair crew really knew what they were doing!
Testimonial by Ronald W. from Milwaukee, WI

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We had a 30 year old roof with the shingles deteriorating and curling. It looked horrible and we were embarrassed. It was the middle of winter and...
Since this home is in the process of being put on the market, it’s a good thing all of our warranties are transferable! Shingles were curling,...
Job Stories From Wauwatosa, WI
Leaking Rubber Roof Repair: In Milwaukee, WI

The homeowner is dealing with a leaking rubber roof over his porch, which is part of a larger rubber roof system comprising three sections. One section is leaking near the edge and chimney. The roof is 20-25 years old, and the homeowner is unsure if it can be repaired or needs to be replaced. Patching is not a viable solution, so the homeowner is seeking quotes for repair or replacement. There are uncertainties regarding the amount of rubber needed for the repair. The area around the chimney, and the little spot on the front of the house are the two areas we are focusing on.

Leaking Rubber Roof Repair: In Milwaukee, WI - Photo 1
Roof and Gutter Repair in Milwaukee, WI

After a thorough assessment of his roofing and gutter issues, Mr. James opted for a targeted solution. The existing roof and gutters, both aged at 15+ years, presented challenges with leaks and functionality. During our meeting, James expressed his preference for a tailored approach and requested three separate quotes. These options included a quote for the roof on the house only, followed by variations that involved the addition of gutters, and finally, a comprehensive package covering the house, garage, and gutters. After reviewing the options, James decided to proceed with the roof repair for the house only, excluding the garage. This focused approach allows for the immediate resolution of issues while maintaining a budget-conscious strategy. Additionally, James chose to integrate new gutters into the project, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of his roofing system. The color preferences discussed during the meeting were incorporated into the final plan.


We are delighted to announce the successful initiation of Mr. James's project, implementing a targeted and effective solution to address his roofing and gutter concerns. Our commitment to transparent communication and customized service ensures that Mr. James's expectations are not only met but exceeded.

Soffit Repair in Milwaukee, WI

This home in Milwaukee, WI. was suffering from a leak. They gave Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley a call, and we came out right away.  When our roofing specialist came out, he noticed where the leak was coming from.  Some damaged soffit was the culprit causing all the issues this homeowner was facing. We repaired the damaged soffit and restored the homeowner's faith in their roof. 

Fixing Venting Issues in Wauwatosa

Patrick called us out to take a look at his ventilation. After reviewing his roof, we found he had approximately 10% of what he needed to have a properly ventilated attic. With that in mind, we added a ridge vent on one section of the attic, and box vents in another (where a ridge vent could not be installed). He now has a properly ventilated attic, which will lead to less ice damming issues in the winter, and less heat transfer in the summer.

Fixing Venting Issues in Wauwatosa - Photo 1
EPDM Roof Replacement in Milwaukee

Miss. Barbara had an EPDM roof blow off after a bad windstorm. When our Roofing Specialist arrived, he noticed how bad the situation was and arranged for a tarp to be placed on the damaged area. Barbara was so happy to see that we were willing to go above and beyond for her and not leave her with an exposed roof or make her tarp it herself before the replacement was taken care of. She was very relieved that we did a great job tarping so that no water would go into the house, because we had a few days of rain before we could replace the roof. The installation went very smooth because Barbara had done her best to take great care of her current roof. Once finished, she expressed that she was more than delighted to see all the hard work we had done and how efficient we were. We appreciate you Barbara and we are always here for you!

EPDM Roof Replacement in Milwaukee - Photo 1
Helping a friend in Milwaukee

We don't just fix your roof, we can fix your friend's roof, too! This homeowner's friend knew they had trouble with some bills but was in need of a new roof. We were more than happy to coordinate with all parties involved to make sure this was a seamless operation & a stress-free journey. 

Why choose Klaus Roofing Systems by Buck Buckley? Here's what we've learned from this job story:

1. We show up on time for your scheduled appointment (This homeowner informed us that apparently, this isn't normally the case for other contractors!)

2. No matter how the project is paid for, we'll work with you, the homeowner, and/or other financing options

3. We're here to make sure we give you WOW service

Helping a friend in Milwaukee - Photo 1Helping a friend in Milwaukee - Photo 2Helping a friend in Milwaukee - Photo 3
Roof Replacement in Sections - Milwaukee

On this project, we did a partial roof replacement. The roof was beyond its service life, and there were areas with shingles and flashing in bad condition. 

There were leaks coming in, causing drywall damage to the interior of the home. This caused headaches and anxiety every time it rained or snow melted. 

Since the homeowner couldn't get financed to do the whole project, we accommodated them by replacing a section at a time so the leaks could stop in the area we replaced. Even though we weren't able to replace the entire roof, we will always do everything we can to take less off of our customers' plates. Our project manager even ran to Lowes to pick up tarps for the homeowner so we could tarp some sections of the roof that they couldn't afford to replace at the time.

There were two layers of shingles and cedar shake on their decking, which was mostly rotted. Their original shingles were Cambridge shingles so we were able to find a good shingle to match that at a lower cost. We also made sure to use IKO Ice and Water protector over the entire section we worked on for some extra protection and longevity against any future leaks. 

Roof Replacement in Sections - Milwaukee - Photo 1
EPDM Roof Replacement in Wauwatosa

This sunporch was causing a leak that damaged the inside of the home and rotting the floor joints! The ceiling was rotting away in their office where they worked, affecting their day-to-day life.

This could have been due to standing snow- they had a rolled roofing material on the flat roof that's not designed to see any foot traffic. It could have also been improperly installed.

To solve their problems, we replaced the rolled roofing with EPDM Rubber, replaced all the rotted wood floorboards with CDX plywood, and sistered in new floor joints.

EPDM Roof Replacement in Wauwatosa - Photo 1EPDM Roof Replacement in Wauwatosa - Photo 2
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